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Hot Solder

Hot Solder Alligator Wires Test Leads 19.7"(500 mm) Multicolored, Pack-10

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Hot Solder Alligator Test Clip Leads - 19.7"(500 mm) - Multicolored (Pack of 10)

Alligator clips (or Crocodile clips, if you prefer) are likely to be the most useful thing on your workbench besides the workbench itself. Whether you’re just trying to make a few quick connections to test your circuit or having trouble making your multimeter leads stay where you need them, these spring-loaded clips are a workshop must-have. Each lead in this pack of ten is 50cm long with a rubber shrouded alligator clip on each end. There are five different colors, you get two of each: red, green, white, black, and yellow.

  • 10pcs Alligator Clips Cable Double Ended Alligator Test Leads
  • Distinguishable color for 5 colors test leads
  • Material: Metal, plastic
  • Cable Length: 19.7"(500 mm)


Brand: Hot Solder
SKU: PRT-12978
UPC: 5055421073244
Condition: New
Device Name: Alligator Clip
Configuration: Alligator to Alligator
1st Connector: Alligator Clip, Insulated
2nd Connector: Alligator Clip, Insulated
Cable Length:19.7" (500 mm)
Contents:10 Leads, Multiple Colors
Material: Metal, Plastic