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Hot Solder

Hot Solder bob:bit Breakout board to Crocodile Clip Hoop Adaptor BBC

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bob:bit – Breakout Board to Crocodile Clip Hoop adaptor for BBC micro:bit

This super simple and low-cost board allows you to easily connect up any standard 0.1″ pitch breakout board with 5 or less pins to crocodile clips. This makes this little board especially useful for BBC micro:bit projects. You can also use this to quickly hook up your microbit to your breadboard project! This package doesn't include any headers.

  • Can be useable for BBC micro:bit projects.
  • Easy to connect up with breakout board to crocodile clips.
  • Can be useable for quickly hook up your microbit to your breadboard projects.


Brand: Hot Solder
Part Number: PPMB00136
Barcode: 5055421002091
SKU: PPMB00136
Type: Micro:bit
Hook up System: Yes
Headers: Not Included
Supporting Breakout Board: Standard 0.1" pitch
Pins: 5 or less
BBC micro:bit Project: Yes
Adaptor type: Hoop
Clip type: Crocodile Clip
Connections: Breakout Board to Crocodile Clip