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Hot Solder

Hot Solder Solderless Breadboard Mini-Size with Self-Adhesive - White

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Hot Solder Solderless Breadboard Mini-Size with Self-Adhesive - White

Solderless Breadboards are a great way to prototype circuits quickly and easily. This breadboard has an adhesive back, allowing you to stick them almost anywhere!

The pitch between each pin of the breadboard is 0.1″ (2.54mm). Each column of pins on the white breadboard is commoned together through the metal spring clip strips inside. So each wire or component leg in the same column will be both held firmly in place and connected to each other. The number of pins available in solderless small red breadboard is referred to as the number of “tie points”.

The mini breadboards have 170 tie points with 17 columns and 10 rows. This mini breadboard does not interlock together but can still be used in multiples to make a larger circuit. Unlike the half-size boards, this does not have rows of commoned tie points. The white color makes it look great.

As there is no soldering required, the white breadboard is reusable. Great for testing a temporary circuit before making something more permanent.

  • Have an adhesive back
  • No soldering required
  • Pins commoned together by metal spring clip strips inside
  • Test prototype circuits quickly and easily
  • Two sets of five rows
  • Can be used in multiples to make a larger circuit
  • Great for prototype circuits
  • Reusable


Brand: Hot Solder
Item Type: Breadboards
SKU: PPPRT-07916
Condition: New
Color: White
Size: Mini Size
Pitch between each pin: 0.1″ (2.54mm)
Tie points: 170
Rows: 10
Columns: 17
Adhesive back: Yes
Soldering: Not required
Reusable: Yes
Column of Pins commoned together: Yes
Column of Pins commoned together by: Metal spring clip
Interlocking System: No
Rows of commoned tie points: No