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Proto-Pic Soldering Iron Starter Kit - STEM Learning Kit for Beginners

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Knowing what to buy to get started with soldering can feel daunting. That is why HotSolder has put together this handy selection of low-cost soldering tools, making building any of our soldering kits a doddle! This STEM learning soldering kit for beginners is just a starter for a long journey ahead. Kids can easily use it under elders' supervision.

  • Variety of soldering with 6 different sized Soldering Iron Tips
  • 60W power and 240V Soldering Iron a perfect match for starter
  • ESD proof tweezers

Kit contains:
  • 60W 240V Soldering Iron
  • Small stand
  • 6 different sized Soldering Iron Tips
  • Solder Sucker Vacuum Pump
  • Tube of Lead-Free Solder (Pbf)
  • ESD proof tweezers