Hardware Design

Our hardware engineers have expertise in both analog and digital domains.

Analog systems frequently require battery and/or power supply modules where the power supply topology will meet the power, efficiency and reliability requirements as defined within the product requirements. Our analog specialists are able to design interface circuitry for sensor technologies and create low noise and signal conditioning solutions. The analog engineers also manage the approach to ensuring compliance with EMC regulations and ensuring the finished product is both immune to EMC interference and does not have excessive radiated emissions. In order to achieve this, the analog team focus on: ground plane stack and configuration, power supply architecture, signal routing, high speed lines, cable screening, connector terminations as well as optimising software and clock architectures. Our analog engineers also have experience in RF and microwave electronics.

In digital design, we have experience of microcontroller and microprocessor roadmaps and have extensive knowledge of high capacity memory design. We use Signal Integrity simulation tools to optimise design of high speed buses and digital communication functionality and can perform timing analysis on complex digital architectures. Our digital engineers are also able to configure programmable logic (VHDL, Verilog) devices within larger hardware solutions. Very often, the digital engineer will assume the system lead role, coordinating the activities of analog, software and mechatronics teams.

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